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A Drop of Drip Irrigation
Part 2

Alright, let’s dive into my particular drip irrigation installation. As I mentioned at the end of the last post, I decided to try to extend my drip irrigation system across my entire property by mounting the irrigation tubing under my house’s eaves. Once mounted, I planned on dropping fork... read more

A Drop of Drip Irrigation
Part 1

This post is essentially a version of my own pro/con list when I was deciding whether to try drip irrigation. If you already know you want to install a drip irrigation system, or don’t care about my thoughts on drip irrigation (no hard feelings) and just want to re... read more

Will HomeKit Save Us from a Shitty IoT?

The anonymous creator of the popular twitter handle @internetOfShit wrote an article for The Verge today titled Apple has proven me wrong about HomeKit. If you haven't heard about @internetOfShit but are interested in or own IoT (internet of things) devices, I highly recommend scrolling through his tweets. It's a ... read more

Is a Giant Beanbag Your Cozy Couch Alternative?

If you are like me and move into a house from a small studio or one bedroom apartment, one of the first things you will notice is HOW UNBELIEVABLY EMPTY it is. Your furniture, which fit nicely in the cozy ecosystem of your small apartment, will stand out against the ... read more

Why LED Home Lighting Looks Odd

LED lighting seems to be rapidly replacing every other type of lighting technology. Over the past 10 years I’ve noticed places such as restaurants, streets, cars, schools, shops, and homes update their lighting fixtures to use LEDs. On the surface, the move totally makes sense. LED lights are extremely energy ef... read more

A Sip of MoCA

Even if you are a tech savvy millennial with a gigabit internet connection and a home buzzing with IoT devices, there is a good chance you have never heard of MoCA. Why? This attempt at marketing the technology for home use, which looks like something from a 1970s episode of ... read more