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Nathanael Georgeson.

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This blog is an attempt to record my experiences, research, and projects associated with owning, upgrading, and maintaining a home.

Some homeownership challenges, like how to care for a lawn or avoid ant infestations, are the same ones my parents dealt with in their first home in 1988. But like virtually every other part of our lives, technology and the internet has changed the ways we mantain and improve our homes. Learning how to build a fast home network, manage IoT devices, and pick a cloud-based security system are examples of this new generation of homeownership challenges. As a first time homeowner and millennial, I'm fascinated with learning how to tackle all these challenges, old and new. If what I learn feels noteworthy, I'll write about it here.

Whether you're a millennial thinking about buying your first house or a current homeowner interesting in trying new things, I hope this blog can help you learn something new.

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