Is a Giant Beanbag Your Cozy Couch Alternative?

July 29th, 2017

If you are like me and move into a house from a small studio or one bedroom apartment, one of the first things you will notice is HOW UNBELIEVABLY EMPTY it is. Your furniture, which fit nicely in the cozy ecosystem of your small apartment, will stand out against the vast empty floor of your new living space like large rocks in a desert. God help you if your place has a living room AND a family room. My family room/den had nothing but a single sad couch sitting in the middle of it for months after I moved in…

So let’s talk furniture.

There are many topics in this category I could touch on, and probably will eventually, such as the importance of buying quality furniture (YOU HAVE ENOUGH IKEA STUFF) and my new found love for rugs (fills space, looks great, AND feels comfy?!), but I'd like to take a moment to write about a type of furniture you may have overlooked or maybe even looked down upon:


That's right. Those huge bed sized sacks stuffed with happiness and childhood dreams. Or foam. Probably just shredded foam. But amazingly comfortable shredded foam! (Definitely not beans though.) Sink into one of these and you will wonder why the $5000 recliner industry even exists.

It's like laying on a cloud...

Here are some quick and dirty reasons giant beanbags are awesome and you should get one:

  1. They can seat the same amount of people as a 2-3 person couch
  2. They are about half the price of a decent couch
  3. They are 100x more comfortable than a decent couch
  4. They are literally a giant sack of fluffiness you CAN SINK INTO
  5. They are the #1 best place to cuddle (no more getting shoved off the couch!)
  6. Did I mention it's a giant bed sized beanbag???

When guests come over, the giant beanbag is often the main attraction. No one wants to sit on a boring couch when there’s an awesome giant squishy foam beanbag they can jump onto instead. And that’s exactly how EVERYONE sits on a giant beanbag for the first time, they jump into it! You don’t jump into things you don’t enjoy. If you love swimming, you jump into the pool. If you like playing in the snow, you build a pile of it and dive in!

My brother and sister were recently in town, and their first reaction to seeing the giant beanbag was "Let's take a family photo all sitting on it!!!". We took multiple photos. Expect it in my parents’ Christmas card if you know them. (Not kidding.) I am now convinced that if it holds up, the giant beanbag will be passed down in my family from generation to generation like a fine watch.

There's room for the whole family in the best seat in the house!

Now I'm not proposing you replace your three piece living room set with a bunch of 8ft Lovesacs. BUT if your house has a den, finished basement, or similar space I HIGHLY recommend the giant beanbag. You will love it, your friends and family will love it, your dog and cats will love it, and everyone will love you more for having it!